Welcome New TANMS Director of Industrial Relations, Tom Normand

Post date: Apr 03, 2015 3:10:11 PM

 We are very excited to welcome aboard to TANMS our new Director of Industrial Relations, Tom Normand.  

Tom Normand, MBA, BS ME, is an experienced global business development, strategy and relationship management professional with significant global exposure (20+ years of experience).  He has enjoyed significant interactions with private enterprise, as well as, US Gov't and military organizations globally relative to mission critical applications such as Command & Control, flight simulation, networking,  and communications infrastructure to name a few.  Tom illustrates an abundance of experience dealing with and promoting complex, highly customized solutions.

His background includes classic business development, global sales management, marketing and strategy.  Recently, he focused on business development (including general management) in Asia Pacific/ PacRim.  He has a track record of successful partnership development, licensing, marketing and relationship management with suppliers, distributors, and customers in aerospace, computer networking, satellite communications, command & control, government/military, and Internet sectors.  He has dealt with ITAR regulation and ISO certs.

In general, to illustrate completeness, his interactions have included those with firms in both the commercial/private sectors, as well as gov't and military firms worldwide.  On the gov't side, he has developed relationships and has worked with large global gov't and military firms in the USA and abroad (EMEA, APAC).  For example, DISA, US Air Force, Boeing, Airbus, along with 5th Signal Corp, NSA, J2, J6, J3 among others including the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were some of his clients.    Recently, he has worked closely with Mitre, SPAWAR, Northrop, BAE, GD and others in South Korea and Japan, as well as, PACOM (Pacific Command) in the US.  Also, he was worked with China’s Satellite and Rocket Launch Org in Beijing, including many satellite launch firms globally (such as organizations in the UK and Germany related to the EuroHawk Program, Asia Sat, ILS, etc).  There are many others as well, including Northrop and other large military contractors domestically. On the commercial side, the companies Tom has interacted with are very diverse, ranging from VC funded start-ups to Fortune 100 firms.

Tom has achieved a top-tier MBA from UCLA's Anderson School of Management in 1995, and also earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of New Hampshire in 1985.    In addition, he graduated from Eastman Kodak's (one year in duration) management  training program, and is also a member of the European Union (and fluent in French).

Below is Tom's contact information:

Office Location: UCLA Boelter Hall, Room 7702

Phone: (310) 825-7855

Email: tnormand@tanms.ucla.edu

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tomnormand/en