New Start-up Co-founded by TANMS Alum Joins TANMS IAB

Post date: Jan 18, 2019 7:28:29 PM

TANMS welcomes Sonera Magnetics Inc. as the newest member of our Industrial Advisory Board.  Co-founded by TANMS alumnus, Dr. Dominic Labanowski, former graduate student in the Salahuddin Group at UC Berkeley, Sonera Magnetics is developing a magnetometer that can operate at room temperature and in portable form factors with sensitivity comparable to the best magnetic sensors available today.  The core technology of Sonera Magnetics is a magnetic sensor based off of results from Dr. Labanowski's graduate studies at UC Berkeley on acoustically-driven ferromagnetic resonance.  This sensor leverages the strong interaction between GHz-frequency sound waves and magnetic thin films where the coupling enables a device with comparable performance to SQUID and SERF magnetometers, but has the capability to operate in ambient environmental conditions.  

Source: Cyclotron Road (May 2018)