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1-D Multiferroics

Thrust Leader: Kang L. Wang

Principal Investigators: N. Kioussis, S. Salahuddin, G. Carman, J. Chang, C. Lynch

      • GOAL: Thrust 1 focuses on understanding 1-D elements necessary for each of the three testbeds. Here the goal is to optimize the conversion of electrical energy into magnetic energy through the appropriate selection of materials, shapes, and magnetic biasing for a single nanoscale element (1-D).

2-D Multiferroics

Thrust Leader: Rashaunda Henderson

Principal Investigators: R. Candler, G. Carman, J. Chang, C. Lynch, N. Sun, S. Tolbert & Y. Wang

      • GOAL: Thrust 2 focuses on additional levels of dimensionality to understand multiferroic response as compared to Thrust 1. Thrust 2 research effort includes an emphasis on fundamental topics such as in-plane nanoscale interaction effects and magnetoelastic dynamic response.

3-D Multiferroics

Thrust Leader: Robert N. Candler

Principal Investigators: J. Bokor, R. Candler, G. Carman, J. Chang, D. Di Carlo, D. Schlom, S. Tolbert, & C. Lynch

      • GOAL: Thrust 3 builds upon the fundamental studies conducted in both Thrusts 1 and 2. Here the goal is to achieve deterministic magnetic domain control and electro-magneto-mechanical coupling with the external environment necessary for testbed implementation.

Multiscale Material Modeling

Thrust Leader: Christopher S. Lynch

Principal Investigators: G. Carman, A. Selpulveda, N. Kioussis, I. Belborodov, Y. Wang

      • GOAL: Thrust 4 focuses on understanding multiferroic materials response using multi-physics based models across different length and time scales with continuum and ab initio approaches. Here the goal is to support testbed development and the three thrust areas described above.

Materials (Materials Fabrication)

Thrust Leader: Sarah Tolbert

Principal Investigators: J. Chang, D. Schlom, N. Sun, G. Carman

      • GOAL: Thrust 5 works closely with Thrust 4 and has a focus on developing new multiferroic material concepts including but not limited to novel composite designs and single phase materials. Here the goal is to find superior materials and methods necessary for both testbed development and thrust areas described above.