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University Policy Board

CHARTER  (last revised Jul 21, 2016)

Purpose:  The purpose of the University Policy Board (UPB) is to provide an avenue for all campuses participating in TANMS to provide input to the governance and operation of the Center in order to sustain their impactful participation in the program.

Responsibilities:  The UPB provides oversight of the Center’s policies on the following: project selection/deselection, financial commitment to projects and testbeds, education/outreach, and industry engagement. The UPB provides input to the Director related to:

a) education direction;
b) research direction;
c) industrial engagement;
d) distribution of resources within TANMS; and
e) TANMS policies and procedures.

The policy board shall recommend policy to the Director, and any proposed policy shall be circulated to all stakeholder groups with a request for input.  In addition, center members can propose a policy to the UPB. Any final UPB approved policy will be delivered to the TANMS director for recommended implementation.  Any action taken by the Director to override a motion by the UPB (approved by majority vote) must be explained in writing, and distributed to the Center’s stakeholders (faculty, advisory boards).  The written explanation is to be distributed to UPB at least 10 business days in advance of implementation of such decision by the Director.  Any motion by the UPB must be taken in a duly noticed (minimum 10 business days advance notice by email) meeting consisting of a quorum of at least 75% of the UPB membership.

The UPB is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the center.  

Composition:  The UPB shall be comprised of the principal contact/lead from each university campus that is participating in TANMS and one thrust leader. The UPB shall annually elect a Chair.

Meetings: The UPB and the Director shall meet at least quarterly. The UPB Chair shall set the quarterly meeting dates in advance for the fiscal year. Minutes of all meetings shall be posted on the internal TANMS web site for comments from all participating investigators and student leaders.

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